Community Cruisers

HUB Bike Workshops: Banff, The Fenlands – Tues 5-8pm • Canmore Rec. Centre – Wed & Thurs, 5-8pm



Electric pedal-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) are an emerging sustainable mode of transportation. Safety, accessibility, pricing, range of travel, and convenience are factors that continue to influence and shape public participation, perception, and regulations related to e-bike use.

In the Bow Valley, e-bikes continue to rise in popularity with local bike shops offering more options for a variety of needs. There are many benefits to riding e-bikes:

  • E-bikes increase connection to the community and reduce social isolation.
  • E-bikes carry groceries, cargo, and people.
  • E-bikes replace vehicle trips, with the ability to help people travel farther and navigate hills.
  • E-bikes reduce emissions and are a sustainable way to get around.
  • E-bikes improve health and wellness by incorporating cardio exercise and fresh air into daily routine. 
  • E-bikes appeal to a wide range of ages, abilities and fitness levels.

Hundreds of happy cruisers