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Spring is here! Please share the road


More so than the vast majority of Alberta towns, Canmore is a multi-modal community and proud of it! We have an array of transportation options including walking, wheeling (cycling, scootering, roller-skiing), public transit and driving automobiles.

The Town of Canmore has calculated that our roads are five times safer than the national average.  We believe this is due in part to the multi-modal nature of our streets. We encourage everyone, no matter your mode of transportation, to share our roads, safely and respectfully.

The Canmore Community Cruisers devoted time starting in December to encouraging people to “bike all winter” and were thrilled to see many people continue to do just that! But walking and wheeling still decreases over the winter. Now with the return of warmer weather and clear roads, the number of people using people power to get around is exploding.

Because we all share the road and look out for each other, if you are driving a car in Canmore please do look out for and indeed expect to see people walking and wheeling everywhere…. on the recreation paths that cross our roads at cross walks and on all multi-use paths that cross so many driveways that bisect them to gives cars access to businesses and services. Expect to see bikes not only on bike lanes, but on the roads when bike lanes are covered with debris, puddles, or blocked by vehicles. Expect to see lots of kids under 12 crossing roads from sidewalk to sidewalk. Expect to see lots of pedestrians too and please remember to yield to them at crosswalks and before making a right turn on red.  Expect to see lots of wildlife as well. Being aware and staying at or under the posted speed limit is the best way to drive on our busy, multi-modal streets.

Children 12 and under, along with accompanying adult, are permitted to ride on sidewalks, with the exception of Main Street. If you are over the age of 12 and cycling, please do not cycle on the sidewalks in Canmore unless you see signage to indicate it is allowed e.g. the sidewalk crossing the Trans Canada Highway). A reminder to all those using pedal power to signal your turns and obey traffic signs and signals. If you are not comfortable riding on our roads, please consider joining our Cruiser group rides starting in June.

Link to Share the Road video.